My first breeding project

Hello again, in this thread I’d like to introduce you to the couple I plan on breeding as my first pair.

The female is a Mack snow Bell het RADAR, she’s with me since almost three years.

The male I’ve bought for her is a Mack snow Bell het Eclipse (mom was a RADAR, father mack snow Bell het RADAR)

What do you guys think of this pairing?
Another question… when trying to put the genetics in the calculator to have a precise idea of what the offspring might be there’s no “het radar” option… What should I put to get the most accurate results?


I don’t know anything about breeding but those geckos you have there are gorgeous! Best of luck with your project! :pray::blush:


They’re both gorgeous little geckos. Great colors and seem to have great temperaments too.

So… Here’s where I would be harsh on my projects.
RADAR is the Bell equivalent of RAPTOR. Both are supposed to have a patternless body (think super hypo tang). I personally wouldn’t call them RADAR because obviously they have been so far outcrossed that the polygenic trait for the ‘patternless’ is diluted. I would call them orange bell albino het eclipse. The male also has a stripe pattern.

That said…
It can be difficult to find a high quality RADAR as so many breeders jumped in and outcrossed them, so now patterns are more acceptable.

For the calculations…
I would not consider myself ready to breed a morph if I didn’t know how to calculate it. My recommendation is to really look at the genetics involved in your geckos BEFORE breeding. Especially since the market is so oversaturated and again… I personally wouldn’t sell these as het RADAR.

A Radar is the Bell version of RAPTOR. which is an acronym for R ed-eye A lbino P atternless T remper OR ange
The het in your geckos is the Red Eye, or Eclipse gene.

All of your hatchlings will be albino. If they aren’t… You don’t have 2 bells.
Because they are both hets, you have a 1 out of 4 chance to hatch an Eclipse. With luck, they have 2 solid red eyes. Snake eyes are also acceptable.
After that… Any other offspring are considered 66% het eclipse. Because out of the remaining 3, only 2 will be het Eclipse and you cannot tell by looking.
For the Mack snow, it will have the same odds as the eclipse gene.
The odds of hitting a super snow eclipse is somewhere around 1 in 64 iirc. So fingers crossed for you!

Hope this helps!


Great looking animals! It’s a nice start to a breeding group for sure. What armiyana said is correct. The old school, more correct way of labelling animals did need to include patternless in the mix to get that real RAPTOR/RADAR label. Nowadays it seems as long as the albino is there along with the orange (realistically any line of hypo or orange which mostly causes some pattern loss) and the eclipse they seem to be considered RAPTOR/RADAR.

What you’re looking at as far as offspring will be all Bell albinos, 1/4 will be eclipse by odds, 1/4 will be super snows, and 1/16 will be super snow eclipse. 1/4x1/4=1/16.


Hahah, It’s been a while since I used a morph calc and math is never my strong suit. Tyty!

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Thanks for the feedback guys! Really appreciated.

As far as the calculator question, it was more of a “technical/geeky question” as how to put the genetics in it for this particular case with the het radar stuff. I’m not a superficial person, even if this is gonna be my first breeding I’ve studied and read a lot about genetics and morphs so I have a basic idea of what I’m doing and what the outcome could be.
Hope it will go well and I can post the results :grinning:


Yes of course by all means keep us updated on your progress and results if possible! And we do love pictures! :blush: