My first clutch ever!

SO EXCITED!!! SORRY I HAVE TO SHOUT TO PEOPLE WHO WILL APPRECIATE IT! MY FIRST CLUTCH EVER! 5 plump eggs! Now I somehow have wait 60 days :laughing:

Black Pastel Lesser Banana x poss Leopard Pied.


Congrats, praying that the odds gods are with you :heart:


Congratulations that’s an awesome achievement!


That’s amazing! And hey, at least it won’t be 77 days like mine was! Lol I did maternal incubation for my first, but the temps ended up being a bit too low and hard to maintain in my house since it was later in the year. Stressful, but a very rewarding experience.

Definetly keep us updated on how these guys do!

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Happy new eggs day.
You started in the deep end. Nice gene mix.

Thanks! I’m planning out 6-10yrs for my dream snake =D

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Nice big eggs! Congratulations!

Congrats. May the odds be in your favor.

Congratulations on the first clutch!! And like Tom Petty sang, “The Waiting is the Hardest Part”, lol. It’s certainly going to be worth the wait! :slight_smile: