My first clutch! I'm a grandmaw now

This was only a bucket list thing to see snake babies being born and taking their first breaths while also carrying out my beautiful Acnologia’s legacy. She had quite the large first time clutch! 34 fertile and 2 slugs! I will have fun raising them up until they find amazing homes to go to. I plan to vet every potential new home to make sure people know what they’re getting into and how to care for them, but until that time comes, I am Medusa!! :joy: :hugs:

Oh, and here’s the pops for those who will likely ask lol

He’s a Super Sunfire OGS tube dude named Ifrit!


Congrats this is a huge accomplishment :tada::tada:
I hope that they are hatch out. What morph is mama besides super goldenchild? Plus dad is very pretty :star_struck:.

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Just Super GC as far as I’m concerned. Possible het OGS, but I never was worried about her het since it’s so rare for Supers to even live past 2-3 years. She will be 6 this coming June!

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That’s so awesome :sunglasses: Those babies are going to be insane!

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Just WOW! Congratulations, I especially love Ifrit, total stud.

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Beautiful retics! Congrats to both you and mom!