My first clutch! Pics, help identify?

My first clutch has all shed out! Black Pastel Lesser Het Clown x Het Clown

Normal 66% Het Clown

Black Pastel 66% Het Clown

Black Pastel 66% Het Clown

Lesser??? 66% Het Clown

Lesser Black Pastel??? 66% Het Clown

Clown?? Black Pastel Clown??


normal 66% het
Black pastel 66% het
Black pastel 66% het
lesser 66% het
Lesser 66% het

better pics of #5 lesser would help but with the pic supplied looks lesser


Thank you for the input! Here are some additional pics with them side by side.

I’m thinking the one with the more striping, higher blushing, slightly deeper blacks is a black pastel lesser. They are really small babies! I’m hoping once they start eating and get bigger it’ll be a little more obvious.


Thanks for the additional pics. I am still not seeing black pastel in either of those. It could be just the difference of one proving to be het clown vs not.


True! Appreciate it

Pretty clean headstamp I love the expression of the clown gene

Very beautiful first clutch!

Excellent job, they all look great!