My first Clutch Update and ID

Here is my First Clutch want to see what you all think there morphes are. I will enclose pairing:
Paring: GHI Black Pastel X Champagne, Lesser, Pastel


they all look champagne to me anyone want take a shot at it ?


I am not good at IDing yet but just wanted to say beautiful snakes. I love the second baby! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


He is col looks like a mexican sombrero lol love him thanks


@banereptiles @ballornothing can either of you help?

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This is a tough one for me at least! The champagne is a very overpowering morph to try and figure what others are with it. I do agree with @carrionn they look all champagne to me. Here is my guesses:

  1. Champagne, lesser (poss ghi?)
  2. Champagne, pastel
  3. Champagne, lesser, (poss pastel?)
    Last one. Champagne, black pastel

Lesser champagne usually are very white with little pattern, the first though with the dark head could have something else in there and I think the 3rd has pastel. Champagne cinnamon or black pastels do tend to get ringers a lot, and it looks a little darker to me. With the variety of the champagne just in itself it is hard to say for sure though! Nice clutch, very different from each other too! Congratulations!:+1: