My first clutches and need help with identification

So I got my first babies and I’m having a hard time figuring out exactly what I got. Any help is greatly appreciated. I think one of them is a firefly Het pied

I can post pics of the parents if needed. Lmk

First clutch was 3 babies from pairing
-male - fire, pinstripe, Het pied, possible Huffman
-female- pastel, het pied

Second clutch was 5 babies from

Same male but with
-female- spider

First 3 from clutch 1 above and 5 from clutch 2 below


Can we see photos of the parents? I feel like I’m seeing some Enchi in a couple of these.

Edit: nevermind on the enchi I missed that these were different clutches. Would still like to see the parents though.


Thanks for the response. Yes here are the parents. Not the best pics on the mommy’s. “Eve” my spider mommy wouldn’t hold still for me plus It’s dark outside so no natural light and I don’t have my picture backdrop setup currently. But I had a good pic of the Dad saved.


I don’t know anything about Huffman since I don’t work with it but the first three look Fire, fire pin pied, and firefly … because both parents are het pied you can only say the 2 non visual are 66% het pied. I’ll have to circle back for the second clutch I have to leave for work lol.


Ok thank you. I’m excited to find out more about what I have here. I took a couple more pics of the tail belly area of the two that were the siblings of the visual pied. Do these black stripes on the one for sure and possibly the other one mean that it’s carrying the pied gene?

The first 2 pics are of the same baby

This third pic is of the other baby. Was having a hard time getting the right position to show the tail belly section but this one doesn’t seem to have the solid black striping like the other baby does.

Could the pied have pastel also? It looks very orange colored to me where it has pattern.

Tracks can be an indicator for pied but there are het pied without and non hets with.

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Any thoughts on the other clutch with the 5 babies?

1- spider pin
2- spider pin fire
3- spider fire
4- spider pin fire
5- pin

Again I don’t know about Huffman. So those would be my guesses based on what I do know.

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Anybody else have any input that happens to know about Huffman too? Just trying to get these babies identified 100% so I can get them out the door besides a couple hold backs. Thanks!