My first hatchling in 14 years!

I’m so excited!! My first grand-baby in over a decade! (Thus far I’ve always kept my babies as pets.) I was hesitant to share, because the baby isn’t impressive looking per se. But this time, I was trying an experiment with this pairing- breeding for temperament. The dam is my most gentle girl, Mew, an easy keeper. The sire is Adonis, my goofy old snow stud from Albey Scholl back in the day. He was definitely very surprised to briefly have a girlfriend again, and it took him awhile to remember how to go about taking care of business). I was so happy I actually cried! :joy: I’m such a dork. image image


nice what morph is it.

i don’t know that much about leopard-geckos.

Normal banded.

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:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: awesome congrats on the new little one. Many more to come!

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