My First Post! I have eggs on the way! What should I know?

Hey guys!

I’m new here but I’m excited to be a part of this community! My name is Logan and this will be my first year breeding ball pythons. I currently only have one breeding pair but they are basically my babies haha. They have locked up and I’m pretty sure my girl is gravid. I wanted to ask you all what are the main things I should be preparing for? I currently have a mini fridge I’m going to convert to incubator. I know I need tubs and vermiculite. Any info is a great help😀

Here is a summary of my bps. The female I got 2 years ago from a friend who was breeding ball pythons. I bought her while she was still an egg and she hatched on my Birthday :grin:. She is a Mojave. She might also be het albino and het pied. She is also soooo chonky. My boy I got from morph market and is a total deep. One minute he’s hiding like a hatchling the next he’s crawling on your head. He is a banana lesser ghi . I’ll include some pics below


What a lovely pair! I’m sure they’ll produce some great looking babies for you.


I hope so! I’m looking forward to some blue eyed lucies and Mojave ghis😍

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Sounds like you pretty much know what you need. I suggest getting the incubator up and testing it prior to getting the eggs. Last thing you want is something going wrong with the incubator when you go to put the eggs in. I suggest using a light diffuser or easy hatch tray. Be patient and don’t open up the tub everyday. It’s a good idea to get some foot fungus powder and elmers glue just in case of mold or a leaky egg. Those came in handy when I had my first clutch. Good luck!


Thanks for the advice man! That’s some great stuff to know.

The biggest thing is the incubator. Get it up to temp and running steady for a week or so. Make your egg box. We use vermiculite and mix 1:1 to water by weight. We also drill 1/8th" hole on both ends. We sit the eggs directly in the vermiculite. Also figure out how you want to keep records because thats a very important part to do so you can reference information. More info the better IMO. Even though you are a ways out from babies, start figuring out their housing situation also. If you ever have questions hit me up man.