My first reptile

I cant believe i got my first reptile 17 years ago when i was 16 years old. A chinese water dragon that was from a pet shop in a mall. Now looking back can not believe these guys were being sold there as they are definitely intermediate level care. Although i was young and new to reptiles i still did extensive research and cared for him appropriately. I named him Bubbles because he loved playing with the bubbles from his fountain on the water side of his tank. These guys are incredible lizards. I miss my guy :lizard:


What a sweet memory. Good for you and great for Bubbles that you did right by him. That’s not an easy species for an introduction to reptiles. Bubbles is very cute.

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Thank you! These guys are hard to find now as pets and maybe thats for the best for them.


I hate to say it, but it probably is best for them. Bubbles was lucky to find you!


Aaawwwwww, he looks so sweet. :face_holding_back_tears: That’s cute that he liked to play with bubbles, I’d love to watch that! XD