My girl has an odd lump

So my adult Kenyan Sand boa we bought about a 2 to 3 weeks ago at a local expo not only had mites (still treating for them as we noticed a few more on her today while feeding) but also has this… Lump? Mass? After her vent just as her tail starts. It doesn’t feel abnormal in relation to the rest of her and doesn’t seem to cause her pain. My other concern is though she has eaten for us the two times we’ve offered food she seems to not be as “fat” as the two boys we have. Honestly reminds me of a semi deflated balloon with a lot of loose skin.

So yeah looking for advice.

Temps are in the 90s. Usually has aspen bedding to dig under (doesn’t right now cause of mites), poops normally, has eaten for us twice now, 10 gallon tub.

Person said she has been bred in the past as well, don’t plan on breeding anytime soon until we know she’s healthy.

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If I had to guess I would say you are dealing with what is referred to as bulbtail which is basically an infection of the scent glands.That means it will need to be drained and surgery maybe the most likely option.

Something you see a lot in other species like hognose.

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Thanks for that, is it something of a life threatening that needs to be taken care of ASAP or can it wait until finances are a little bit more stable say a month or two? (gotta love the holiday season)

I’d like to add that your sand boa also seems to be visibly underweight.

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Yeah I’m working on that. She’s eaten for me twice since I got her but can’t keep weight on her either. Thinking internal parasites? She didn’t eat for me today which prompted this thread.

Got an appointment for a vet Thursday. Plan on addressing weight and the lump at her tail.

If you suspect internal parasites, be sure to bring a fecal sample with you to the vet visit.

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So took her to the vet today. Vet wasn’t sure about the weight loss. No internal parasites. She wasn’t pale inside her mouth. And what they got out of the swollen tail didn’t have white blood cells but did have bacteria. They suggested warm soaks and massaging the glands to see if I can get anything out of it. Didn’t want to jump to injections of antibiotics until weight was back up.

So does anyone have any advice on massaging scent glands?

Also what would be an appropriate sized food item for a full grown female sand boa? Perhaps what I was giving her wasn’t enough even though when offered more than one item she would only ever take the one.