My grandbabies!

Just had to share pics of some of my grandbabies!

When you walk into the reptile room, and you can immediately tell which babies kicked over their water dishes overnight:


Which morphs are they

They are juveniles that were bred for temperament. Because they are so young, their current appearance is not how they will appear as adults, just as is the case with all leopard geckos as they grow up. All five are from normal (light colored) banded x banded Albey Scholl snow

Mina- Banded normal
Lizzo- either aberrant or jungle normal, I’d have to check her tail
Deedee- normal, I think banded, can’t remember for sure
Yeltsin- jungle normal
Gentoo- aberrant or jungle normal

I can’t remember their tail patterns well so banded/aberrant/jungle could be inaccurate. Basically they are a bunch of normals that will most likely stay light in color. I think I was looking at Gentoo the other day and wondering if she might actually turn out to be bold.

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