My hognose ate cardboard

So my adult male hognose ate the piece of cardboard that I’ve been using to put his f/t food on. It wasn’t a thick piece like from a moving box but from a candy box (without any color to it like dyes and stuff) that I got from work. It’s a bit bigger than the f/t mouse he ate but apparently still big enough to eat. It happened this morning.

I can’t do a check of his home until tomorrow since I don’t want to risk regurgitation in an already picky eater… Or should I do a more thorough search and if not found encourage it?

So much for picky hognose…

Adding “cardboard scenting” to my list of tricks. :rofl:

Sorry to hear that happened. I would search the enclosure for it so you know for certain that he ate it. Was it soft cardboard that would break apart in liquid like a toilet paper roll? Saying candy box makes me think of a thinner but more resistant type of box which might be tougher to digest.

I wouldn’t personally try to encourage regurgitation. Your options are probably either to get to a vet or wait it out. If you wait it out make sure he is dedicating normally before feeding again.

Good luck and keep us posted.

This is the same type box I used. The product inside were little packages of gummies I think? But it’s easy easy foldable. Stood up to a few feedings of scented mice without falling apart. Kinda has a semi plasticy film on it but again easily easily foldable and thin.

Also do not recommend cardboard scenting!! Lol I wanted to train this adopted picky eater that a certain cardboard meant food. I do scent with tuna juice on the mouse head and I guess it ended up seeping into the cardboard as well. Mouse burritos anyone?

Yes, I was kidding about cardboard scenting! Hognose are far from graceful feeders, often biting the side of the enclosure, themselves, or a mouthful of bedding before finally finding the prey. And even then they often take a mouse sideways and don’t adjust it before swallowing. Based on that my suspicion is he might be just fine, but I worry a bit about that waxy film that is intended to keep it from breaking down.

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Im gonna do a thorough tub check tomorrow to prevent regurgitation, and see what I can find. Maybe he drug it somewhere or it got stuck. Who knows. If he did eat it I’m gonna be “harassing” him until he poops for me and check to see if it comes out. Might even hold off a feeding to see if maybe it will come on a second poop


An update of sorts and some pics of my angry boy. He pooped and I found it fresh. Everything looked normal even after sifting through it. Hoggie himself was his normal angry cobra self. So assuming everything is okay and I’m gonna attempt another feed on Wednesday.