My juve hopefully male cwd now into full time viv with adult females

7-8 month old hopefully male cwd i now have in full time with my adult females from its grow tent, i think its of good enough size now and just gonna have see how it goes i have had to separate a few times as it was being bullied and hiding but its grew on a brave bit now so will see how it goes, females where also in heightened tensions as they were laying eggs at the time they lay a clutch 2 times a season so im hoping that its a male and i will have a breeding group, 1 of my female cwds is big for a female and the juve is already longer and its quite bit longer than my other female, its crest is getting more noticeable and has had bit of growth spurt i think it would be even bulkier if it hadnt been the stress of me trying a few times to introduce it into my adult viv so was not eating much at them times as hiding a lot but in good health so think its worth another try and still have the grow tent to fall back on if it doesnt work out yet, i changed viv around a bit to till try stop the females dominance a bit by adding a few bits and will add a few more, but let me no your opinion if you think i have a young male, 1 of the pics is the juve on top of the biggest female and the other is the 2 females together


Beautiful setup and dragons!

Thank you, im going to do away with the tank in a year or so its just 4ft x 2ft x 4ft with mstching 2ft cabinet that i dont use so im hopefully gonna go for a 6 or 7ft tank hopefully if its a male i have

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