My killerbeeđź–¤

Hey Guysss. This is my female killer bee. She’s tinny. She’s about 1 year and 4 months old. She gets regular feedings, about once a week and has no problem with eating. Yet she doesn’t grow in size. Am I doing something wrong? Is she healthy?


What’s her current weight, and what type and size prey are you feeding her each week?

Is she eating mice or rats? Ball Pythons that are strictly eating mice tend to be slow growers.

I have only had her for a couple of months now. And the person i got her from said she only eats mice full grown mice. Should i rather try getting her to eat rats?

She eats a full grown mice to maby 2 full grown mice weekly. Im not sure what she weights at the moment

Time to start feeding more than 2 a week sounds like. As they grow they are gonna start eating them like tic tacs. Maybe consider trying to change over to rats ?

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I would definitely try switching her over to rats. Alot of people will feed mouse hoppers in the beginning when the snake is a hatchling to get them feeding good, but once they have a good feeding response I think they do better on rats , especially when it’s comes to growth and weight gain.

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Thank ypu guys wil definitely give this a shot. SCOSTA56, I over her more but she refuses. So she wil only eat 1 or 2 and then refuses more

Just an update. Took her to the vet today., turns out she is a he. And his healthy. Got him some rats pups. And we wil see how he likes them

I had my suspicions but was going to wait until I heard the weight to raise that possibility.

Changing them over from mice to rats can be a little tricky esp. when going to frozen. I have some tips here in case you need them.

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