My little girl is all grown up (advice needed)

So my almost 2 year old ballpython finally refused her first meal tonight despite showing some initial interest. While I know this is all normal for balls and I’m not like alarmed but I wanna get sort of a headstart on what to expect if this is long term and steps to take to make sure her health is maintained.

She did just shed a couple of weeks ago (and ate right after that) and there have been no environmental changes in her tank via heat or humidity. Like I said she showed initial interest with tongue flicks and slight nose bops to the meal but then turning away.

Do plan on trying and feeding next week at the same time of the week per usual.

Thanks for any advice or help.

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I have one ball python who is a PAIN in the ass to try and feed. She refused 3 weeks straight.
Turned out she wanted a smaller tub, and she’s taken two rats now for me since the move.

I will say try feeding her again next week at the usual time. Make sure your rat is heated up as well.
I’ve learned from several of my snakes they either like them super warm, warm, or cold.

I wouldn’t be bothered by her turning away a meal. If its the first time in 2 years you’re doing great.
Sometimes snakes just don’t wanna eat.


I have a '14 breeder female who was POUNDING rats. She went into shed and of course didn’t eat, but once she shed out she was interested in the rat but decided not to eat. I put her male in and they locked up within 8 hours. Once they were done and had a days rest she slammed her rat again. Yours may be coming in to breeding mode, give her enough time and she should realize it’s not happening and go back to eating. Plus with her being 2 and this the first time she’s refused, I wouldn’t be concerned in the least!