My little Pinhead baby

I posted last year about this little lady, we named her Hope. We were skeptical she would survive. Well she did, and is thriving. She is 750 grams now. Never grew out of the pinhead but is a great eater, great personality and we just love her. She is a retained sperm baby, her father died in 2019, she hatched last year. So either incubator issue, we never found any issues. Have successfully incubated 4 other clutches with 2 more in that are doing fine, or a genetic issue with old sperm.


Wow awesome shes made it! And she is looking good.

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Others may put me right, but in my experience only, those snakes that eat crazy grow bodily faster than the head growth which is more age/steady food based. With mine in that situation the head catches up eventually with time.
When I used to power feed in the old days the heads were always behind the weight/size. I dont go there any more. not suggesting you did that but the slow start and then the later great feeder may have had a similar effect on head vs body size…
Still, congrats on persevering.


Oh no power feeding. She is fed biweekly the past 6 months or so. She was born with a pin head. She is little over a year old now. Her mother is almost 5 feet long (4 foot 9 or 10) and 2700 grams at least. I think her bigger size is genetics. Her dad was pretty big for a male too.


Aaawwwww! She is a looker! I love happy endings involving any and all animals!



I love her name :heart:. Thank you for giving her a wonderful chance at life @nikkip. Our community sees your compassion and devotion to your animals :blush:.