My new Ball baught @ Snakeday Houten

Finally found a ball i liked for a great price!
The misses and i went to Snakeday Houten (The Netherlands) last sunday just to have a look, collect cards from breeders and so on. The misses told me 100 times we were NOT going to buy snakes.
After walking around three times she fel in love with 2 corn snakes and this baby below stayed running through my head.
The misses eventually caved and wanted the 2 corns so that gave me the green light to buy this guy.

It’s a Black pastel Lavender 100% het pied!

The following morning we tried to feed the new snakes and they all took their without hesitation.

Now to find a a female to go with him…


Congratulations, thats a beautiful python. Its gonna look amazing as an adult with the lavender.


Oh my goodness @bdev he is absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations on the find! It’s amazing that you guys are all the way in the Netherlands! So far away and yet we are talking!

By the way we would like to see the new corn snakes too! You can’t leave them out!

All the very best to you and your misses! :heart::pray:


Thank you both!
I’ve been a fan for Albino for a long long time so when i saw this stunning guy for that price i couldn’t leave him there.
To bad i can’t find a female with the same gens at the moment but there is a beauty Lavender albino het pied female not to far from here. So we might go and have a look for her :wink:

I will ask the misses if i can post her snakes :wink:


They are posted in the Corn snakes tab.

All the best from us to you!


Thank you @bdev! And same to you and your Misses! I am happy when I know other people are happy! Reptiles are absolutely wonderful and give us a great joy! :heart:


Stunning snake, @bdev ! Now I’m going to go check out your corns! And I hope you find that perfect female for your guy! What’s his name?


Thank you very much!
He’s a real beauty. Hope his colors get better and better each shed with the lavender gene.
His name is Amaru.
Hopefully i wil post a new snake around the 12th of november.


You are very welcome @bdev! I really like that name! And I am looking forward to seeing the new addition on or around November 12th! :pray::blush:


Like they say, “you can’t have just one (or ten…or forty)” :grin:
Make sure to post your new one when you get it!