My new garter snake

I got this garter snake 1 month 3 days ago so I’m guessing that’s good for waiting.

Waiting for what? To feed, to handle, to move out of quarantine…?

Either way, congratulations on your new (ish) snake, garters are super pretty!


Quarantine I think 1 month it good.

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A little early but everyone has a different risk tolerance and that is what it comes down to.

1 month is a pretty short quarantine. It’s better than nothing, but it’s really not long enough to be sure you’re not putting your other reptiles at risk. Most people recommend at least 4-6 months for quarantine these days.

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I just remembered I never posted a picture


He is in a plastic tub

A month is quite short, as has been said. Is this a captive bred animal or wild caught?

Wc he is a wc

He’s eaten frozen thawed

Local wild caught or out of state? Has it been treated for parasites or anything else?

Local how do you treat for parasites

I’m going to stop you there. You broke the law. You cannot collect wild garters in the state of Minnesota, they’re protected. If you don’t know how to treat for parasites you shouldn’t be bringing anything wild caught into your collection, because you’re putting every other animal you own at risk.


Then what should I do

Since you’ve had it quarantined away from your other animals and only had it in your possession for a month, I’d release it where you found it, or turn it over to the DNR. Honestly though, you need to be more careful. You can’t just take animals from the wild because you want to keep them, you need to know your local laws and regulations, as well as how to properly treat for parasites and quarantine before you think of adding WC animals to your collection.


It will be hard to release him even though I found my backyard

Why will that be hard?

Idk but it is also easy it’s hard tho

I understand. I know you’re really passionate about your snakes and this hobby, but part of that passion is being a responsible keeper. That responsibility is a big deal, because we are the reflection of this hobby and these animals. Sometimes that means doing stuff that sucks, or admitting we screwed up and righting a mistake. Your heart is in the right place.


I knew it was illegal but who comes to random houses to see if your illegally owning wc reptiles, my cousin is keeping turtles I say that is worse than my garter