My New Milksnake

I posted about good bedding to use for the Milksnake who was just rehomed to me (she is on a mixture of aspen and coconut soil atm), and I asked for pictures! Here’s my little escaoe artist :heart:


Oooooh she is really nice! Is she pretty calm? And what is her name? Congratulations on a really great little milk! :star_struck::+1:

Her name is Zilith- Zillie for short! She kinda bounces between super squirmy and chilled out but she’s a total sweetheart and has never hissed or tried to bite or anything!


Oh that’s great! And love her name! My milk, about a year old, still gets grumpy and will honor me with a nice little musking episode if I don’t pick him up right! :joy:. But ya gotta lov’em! :blush::pray::heart:


She’s beautiful!! I love albino milk snakes, their colours are just so bright and vibrant.

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