My new snakes πŸ–€

I got a Mexican black kingsnake named hades and a ball python named kai :black_heart::snake: So excited to add them to my animal/reptile family! These pics arnt the best (they were due to eat the day I got them so I took a pic of each before feeding). They are so sweet and I love them already :black_heart::snake:!
(Also added a pic of my thayers kingsnake crunchy since hes just so cute)


We got a Black King named Hades. Handsome snakes when they get big. Hope yours has a good handable attitude. Ours is a turd who just wants us to feed him and leave him be. We still love him.

Crunchy is also mega cute! Love it when snakes gotta get all up into the face of the camera.


Beautiful animals! My first snake was an amethystine python I got for free when I was in high school. The guy I got it from had no idea what to do with it, as far as care goes. I had to sell him when I went off to school. I still miss him.

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Just a note: it is never a good idea to feed a snake the same day you got it, regardless of when it ate last. It is best to wait at least 7 days before feeding a new snake, or else you run the risk of a regurgitation. By no means does this always happen, but it is an added risk. Snakes can easily skip a week of feeding with no ill effect.

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I appreciate your input but I’ve never had an issue doing this. If the snake seems comfortable and not stressed I’ll feed them just as the previous owner or breeder did. Never had a regurgitation.

Mine is a little grumpy but once you take him out of the cage, he is a sweetheart :black_heart:

He sounds super cool! I’m sorry you had to rehome him :frowning:

I’ve also fed babies the same day or next day depending on when the breeder last fed. Colubrids are a lot more uncaring about shipping than boas and such. Garbage disposals as they are new babies gotta be fed constantly to keep up with them.

Crunchy luv it! Super cute!

We love Sasha, our MBK. Still a little punk… But she’s a lover not a fighter!