My newest addition and the start of a new future project!

I’m very exited about the new snake I got last Sunday. :grin:
This one with some patience will push my breeding plans to the next level.

Its another small step in creating the combo’s I’m dreaming off. :wink:

Without further explanation here it is:
(Forgive me my bad quality photos)

Enchi Pastel Ghost poss Disco 100% het Rainbow male :rainbow:

Lots potential in this amazing looking male ! :wink::ok_hand:


Congrats awsome looking little guy.

:fire:Good luck :+1:

Keep us updated on both how he grows and the clutches he produces in the future :love_you_gesture:

Thanks, I can’t stop admiring him. :grin:

I will do my best to update you guys, :wink:

Beautiful, hope all goes as planned!

I have the same hope :crossed_fingers::grin:

That’s a nice looking snake! I have a pos het Rainbow Chocolate GHI Mojave that I hope proves out, I just wish that het Rainbows weren’t so rare and expensive so I could speed up the process lol.

I’m hoping for you he or she proves out. :crossed_fingers:

I do wonder…
Are you from Europe or the USA ? :thinking:

Because I have no idea if there is a difference of the availability of the Rainbow gene between the regions.

While it’s still expensive,
I see more and more people in Europe starting to work with the gene.
They do mainly keep them as holdbacks.
But I predict more of them will start selling The Het Rainbows and Rainbows once they made some higher level combos.

I’m saving up for a 100% Het Rainbow female For him. (Would be even better if the female is also 100% het Ghost)

But if he is ready to breed before that female is ready.
I’m gonna pair him to my proven breeder Cinnamon 100% het Ghost lady. :wink:

I’m pretty sure I’m gonna have some holdbacks in the future. :laughing:

I live in the US sadly, I tried to get a het Rainbow male from a breeder in Europe but the shipping was going to cost around $200 :sob:. I plan on pairing her to my Pastel possible Chocolate Desert Ghost male if I can’t find a nice 100% het Rainbow male for her. I could get some neat stuff from that, and they will all be at least 100% het for DG! It’s kinda funny because I didn’t originally buy her because of the pos het Rainbow thing, I bought her because I wanted to make some GHI Mojave combos and she was almost breeding size, but then I started to look up stuff about the Rainbow gene and now I want to prove her out lol. Can you imagine what a Chocolate GHI Mojave Rainbow would look like? I think it would look amazing!

Price tag is high for 100% hets or visuals in the US.

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I can’t find a picture of a single visual Rainbow…what do they bring to the animal itself

I found this on Instagram, I believe that it’s just a single gene Rainbow. You can find more pictures by searching #Rainbowballpythons on Instagram. A lot of people that work with it seem to like putting Enchi and Hypo into it as well.


Yeah, that’s the problem lol. A part of me wants to prove her out since it is such a rare gene, but another part of me just wants to get a Candy or Lavender Albino male for her to save some money lol

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Wow that is probably my new favorite morph

200$ Transport for a 1000€ or something snake Is not that all bad. :laughing:

It would be neat to see some chocolate Ghi Mojave Dessert Ghost rainbows. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Your story reminds me of the breeder I got mine from. :wink:
He originally wasn’t planning on breeding rainbow.:rainbow:
But he wanted Disco.
And he bought a poss het Rainbow one from the USA.
Seems like he proved that snake out. :rofl:

He really is into ghost. :wink:
Check him out if you wana see some awesome Ghost combos. :sunglasses::ok_hand:

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Honestly in Europe it’s high too. :laughing:

But I have to say the breeder where I got it from gave me a good deal. :wink:
Still expensive but way better price then someone else. They where selling Wildtype 100% het Rainbows 100% Albino for the same price as my new snake.

But my mind was made up before I even knew the price difference. :rofl:


That’s the person I tried to buy a het Rainbow from actually. They seemed really nice, they told me to talk to Susquehanna Ectotherms and see if they could hook me up with a het Rainbow and shipping would be less expensive.

He is such a nice person. :grin:
But dang what a coincidence. :rofl:

The internet makes the world a small place. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Just a quick update on the little guy. :wink:

And also… I’m going pick up a female for him by the end of this month. :rofl: