My newest baby!

I just picked up this lovely girl from a show a few weeks ago. Leopard, calico, pastel, and bamboo. She was too cute to pass up. Just wanted to share her with everyone.


I love how the pattern is just all sparse and faded.

Yeah, im not good with genes, so not 100% sure which does what, but im definitely reading up on them in my free time.

When i first saw her she reminded me of a champagne, which i find really beautiful, just not sure how i feel about wobble yet, so Finding a similar looking snake seems pretty lucky to me, now i just need to decide if she needs a boyfriend in 3 or so years or just be a really pretty pet hahah

I suppose the only downside with her is that she only eats live prey, but Iā€™m hoping to switch her to f/t soon