My problem child 😂

I bought this Cinnamon Yellowbelly back in August. For the first few weeks she was doing good. Then one feeding she killed the hopper but didn’t eat it. Then she went on a hunger strike.
Ten weeks later she still was not feeding. I offered live mouse hoppers , live rat pups and FT. I tried changing substrate and enclosure size etc… Temps are 80 ambient with a 90° hot spot.
At this point I was really starting to worry about her. I decided to assist feed. With one meal finally in , I offered prey again a week later with no luck. I assist fed again two weeks later. I’ve assist fed her a total of three times.
Finally two weeks ago she took a live mouse and swallowed it down. She refused again this past week.
Last night while checking on everyone , I seen a shed in the opening to her hide. I was so relieved to see that.


She looks like she’s a healthy weight, so assist feeding likely isn’t necessary. Ball pythons are notorious for going on hunger strikes.


I would lower the temps.

I personally won’t assist feed a hatchling that has already ate on its own. I would stop personally.

Some snakes are just stubborn feeders. Are you trying to feed weekly? If so maybe try cutting back to bi weekly.

I agree I wouldn’t be overly worried. I personally think your keeping her to hot I have much better luck with hatchlings keeping them at 82 to 85 on the hot side.

Semi related side note I found since I have cut down on the number of my feedings I have found I personally don’t have problem feeders anymore. After they are established feeders of course,you will still run into problems getting some hatchlings started feeding.


I weighed her a few days ago for the first time. She’s 83 g .
I appreciate the advice ! Thank you !
I’ll lower the temperature and see how she does.
I’m not so worried after she took the mouse a couple weeks back and shed.
As for assist feeding. I believe I made the right decision. Her body condition is much healthier looking than before. She no longer looks like a colorful pencil.


Ultimately it’s your decision but in the future I would recommend not doing it. You may end up with a worse feeder.

Your welcome always happy to help.

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Since taking the live mouse , I have no plans on assist feeding anymore.

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If a hatchling is already eating on its own and starts refusing meals usually it’s a indication of husbandry problems or over feeding. So the animal is probably stressed to begin with assist feeding is only going to add to this.