My second clutch ever has finally shed out .. I’m thrilled

Hi all! This my second clutch ever. I’ve only been in the hobby since 2017, but I continue to learn and be more enamored with this great hobby. It has been so
rewarding and the community is great! I’m beyond pumped for the results of this clutch. Pairing was Fire Spotnose het clown x Clown. I’d say odds were with me. Most of these will likely be holdbacks, at least for now. Pic heavy, I just can’t stop looking at them lol Thanks for looking!

It looks like you didn’t let the photos finish uploading before posting. Allow them to finish uploading completely and repost and we’ll all be able to take a look at your new hatchlings! :blush:


Let’s try this again! I believe what I’ve hit is as follows (Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong). I haven’t sexed them yet as I want them to get a few meals in first, then I’ll worry about the sex.

(3) Fire spotnose Clown
(1) Fire spotnose het clown
(2) Normal het clown


Happy hatching day. :smiley:
Thats some nice babies.

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Thank you!

Wow! Those are all gorgeous babies. Congratulations! :tada:


Thank you so much!

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Nice Clutch, congratulations :blush::blush:

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Thank you!