My snake is gravid and I was not expecting this

So, my Snake is 19 years old. I realized yesterday she was a looking like she’d just ate. Odd, I thought. Then I saw her flipping her tummy up. A few odd behaviors had also occurred.

Then I realized, she’s bloody gravid.

She’s not been around a male in 18 years, but I do understand that parthogenisis is a thing. And of course, these eggs may be duds.

Still I’m a nervous wreck. I dunnae what to do, I was not expecting this. Can anyone help me?

So long as she is of a healthy weight she should be fine to lay. Just remember, even if she lays good eggs does not mean you have to incubate or keep them. Only do so if you are ready to possibly keep all of the babies for a while, since I don’t know if there will be a huge market for partho babies.


This is spot on. I personally wouldn’t incubate them if they are from a partho clutch. Partho babies are known for not living as long and being infertile. I personally don’t see any positive reason for hatching them.


I am not saying this is not a partho event but I would also advocate that you palp the animal and make certain she is gravid. I know of a couple cases of altered behaviour being interpreted as a gravid female that turned out to be illness which subsequently went undiagnosed too long


Fully agree with travis here. Females can display this behavior for other reason other than being gravid. What are the other “odd behaviors” you are seeing? is she still eating?