My sons corn snake wont eat

I was wondering if anyone could help at all . My sons snake has not had a meal in about over 3 months nowand we dont now what to do we haveeven tried her with a thourd out baby chick and she still wont eat we just dont know what to do now. My son wants us to take her to the vets shouldwe do that at all or not . I wnat him to try heron a small pinky or something like that first as we have not done that yet x


Definitely try a smaller meal first, and I suggest keeping track of the snake’s weight. That way it’s easier to tell if the lack of feeding is causing any significant weight loss.


Ok thank you i will let my son know x


How sure are you that she’s female? Is she an adult? It’s pretty common for adult and sub-adult males to go on a feeding strike for a few months in the spring or early summer while they look for a mate.

You can definitely try a pinkie or fuzzy. If the body condition is good and you don’t see any other concerning symptoms, you can hold off on going to the vet.


How warm and cold is her enclosure? Does it have a cold side and warm side, and dark enclosed hides on each side?