My very first ball python clutch!

So excited!!! My first ball python clutch. Nothing fancy cinnamon orange dream x yellowbelly fire. Had to show them somewhere, figured what’s better then MorphMarket .


First, congratulations. Always like to see people’s clutches. Second you say it’s nothing fancy, but I think if you hit all four genes you’re going to have quite an awesome looking animal with that combo. Best of luck to you

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Thankyou. Now the 55 day countdown and constantly checking my window in my incubator lol.


Just remember it might not be exactly 55 days. It could easily take longer depending on how consistent your incubator is. Low and slow temperatures are also recommend to avoid underdeveloped/deformed babies.

Have mine set to 89 so I’m sure it will be a little over. Seems to stay right at that so hopefully I won’t have any issues.

Congratulations on your first clutch! Now the wait is slowly gonna drive you mad :joy:

Yes it is lol.

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Happy first eggs day :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I have just recently had my first ball python eggs, so I know = what a thrill…
It does not get old with each time its exiting , they are all happy eggs days.
Then you can have the excitement of Happy Hatching day :crazy_face:
Well done, they all look good. Have you candeled them?
Check them daily is my advice, make sure they are not dripped on, if so just wipe the lid so the drips don’t build up and fall on the eggs. Different containers have a different effect depending on the shape of the lid ans your background humidity.
I am still looking for a slightly domed shaped lid so the drips slide to the sides and don’t fall on the eggs.

Yep I candled them all, 5 have good veins and embryos. Thanks for the advice. Ya every time I walk by the incubator I look through the glass door to check on them lol.

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My first clutch!!! When they come out I’ll post some more pictures. I’ll probably have to have help identifying these.
Two didn’t make it but the other three seem to be nice and healthy. One had bad kinking and the other seemed underdeveloped.