My very first Calico combos

Pretty happy with my very first Calico combos (amazingly after producing animals for 11 years those are my first calicos)

Not 100% sure on what they are but it happens at times.

For sure I have Hypo Coral Glow Calico Pastel Pinstripe and Hypo Coral Glow Calico Pinstripe, just not sure if there is Leopard or not, my gut tells me there is however it’s always hard when there is no reference because no one made those before….oh well the fun of breeding.

Anyway I thought those were nice considering they are the first Calicos I ever produced.

Those sibling are not bad either

Hypo Coral Glow Calico

And Hypo Calico Kingpin


Oh man they are stunning. Congrats on a beautiful clutch. They will look amazing as adults.

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Have you tried looking at the pattern under a black light? Maybe the leopard will revel itself?

That would help with a Bel but here it’s a matter whether or not the pattern fits, CG Enchi Leopard Pinstripe and CG Leopard Pinstripe already lack the pattern on the side so the white side of the calico are not really of much concern for identification it’s more of the overall pattern that is there on the top, which I will eventually figure out since I am keeping one Male.

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