Mystery BEL clutch?!

My friend Joe sent me some pics of his first clutch of the year. Pairing was a Super Bamboo male to a Firefly Yb female. We are both surprised to see some apparent BELs in the clutch! I see some faint yellow patterning on the BELs which I assume is the bamboo?

With his permission here are some pics, what do y’all think? @t_h_wyman I figured you’re the guy to go to, lemme know if you need more info on parents or anything to shed some light on this!
@akmorphs I figured you’d always be down to see some Bamboo babies :smiley:

(@stewart_reptiles msg’d you my permission to share his pics.)

I have pics of the Female, not of the male although Joe told me he is all white with a small patch of gray.
The sire to the female was a Super Pastel Ivory…maybe something could have been hidden in there? Mojave? What do y’all think? We are both quite fascinated and excited for the community to weigh in!


Do they have black eyes?

What are the chances of that Super Bamboo also being Fire?.. That could lead you to BlkELs (Super fire)

Also anything in the YB complex will give you a chance of a white snake … With you saying there is a grey patch, would you say they look like Ivory Pastels?

Don’t forget that YB doesn’t necessarily make a snake have a Yellow Belly…

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Strange they appear to be bamboo and super bamboo??? If that is the pic of the mom that is not a firefly yb. mom looks to be pastel yb. Are we positive on the genetics that produced mom and dad??? I think we may need @t_h_wyman to chime on this one for sure.

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I’m here for the bamboo babies, but this is definitely a weird clutch.
I agree with @wreckroomsnakes about the mom looking like pastel.

Fantastic first clutch though. Congrats to your friend!

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I’m thinking mojave or something similar.

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Maybe phantom?

Nice clutch either way, Congrats to you & your friend. I’m thinking the female has some kind of Bel complex in her, like mystic/phantom, could even be special to make those bamboo supers. Love the “PhamBoo’s” & others in that complex. What’s the colors on their eyes actually? NVM, I can see those nice blue eyes there…

So awesome! They look amazing!

There are two possibilities as I see them:

  • Androgenesis (basically “reverse partho”)
  • Mom is incorrectly labeled

Andro has been documented but it is usually a one-off in a clutch so the higher number of BluELs makes me inclined to think this is unlikely.

Based on the look of mom, I would say she is your culprit. Those “cyclops” alien heads scream Mojave/Phantom/Mystic to me. I also question her having Fire… :thinking: I am thinking more along the lines of her being a Mojave Pastel YB


Thanks @t_h_wyman i wasn’t sure what it was called or if had been known to happen (Androgenesis)

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Mum does have a Mojave look to her, 'p’s fading toward the belly. Lovely clutch though well done.

Thanks for the input! Will be interesting to see if his first out of 30-40 clutches for this year is the most confusing :joy:

Mom appears to have the mojave gene.

The BEL’s are likely Bamboo Mojave’s

Honestly until Joe messaged me I was completely unaware that bamboo was a BEL complex gene :see_no_evil::speak_no_evil: