Mystery champagne 2021 update!

Last year after these kids hatched I posted a topic to try and identify them to no real avail… So I kept a 1.1 pair of them! I still don’t know what they are but they’re nice to look at. Pairing was champagne enchi pastel to pastel banana pinstripe OR super pastel. Momma should be dropping eggs again any time to cook up some more surprises that I’ll be too fascinated with to not keep.


They definitely are beautiful

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Looks like there super pastel champagne. Super nice for sure lol. Love the orange on there heads! Love champagne!!!


I believe they’re AT LEAST that, but I’ve hatched super pastel champagne from this female and they’re… ugly and dirty looking straight out of the egg. I suspect enchi or genes that were hidden in the pastel banana pin since he was surrendered with no information. The male of these two will be paired next season to a normal to find out more!

Enchi would force more pattern on the sides. And pin would have greatly reduced the pattern on the dorsal.

Never suspected pin, but we’ll see what happens when the male breeds. They can’t be just super pastel champagne since she’s produced half a dozen of them and they’re all kind of ugly in comparison to be frank LOL. The likely sire was a surrender from animal control, so there could be any number of cleanup genes present. The pastel enchi champagne dam looks exactly like these babies except instead of being brown, the babies are orange. The enchi isn’t really strong in the dam. :slight_smile:

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They can’t be just super pastel champagne since she’s produced half a dozen of them and they’re all kind of ugly in comparison to be frank LOL
They can be champagne is very variable. What do you see that makes you think there enchi?

Well, a lot of reasons. There were six of these white and orange animals in the litter. Most of them had little to no pattern, and little to no color at all. These two are heavily patterned in comparison, and extremely colorful. They also look identical to mom, who is pastel enchi champagne, and is proven to be so. She has no lateral pattern at all, just a lot of dorsal pattern like these two. It’s pretty typical of this animal to throw enchi champagnes that don’t have heavy side pattern. The enchi champagne grandsire is the same, a lot of dorsal, but clean lateral pattern. These babies are the first that have ever come out orange like these, even out of the proven super pastel enchi champagnes that she has thrown, though, so there’s probably more going on there given that the sire has no history at all. :slight_smile:

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That is with a different sire. These guys/gals have zero side pattern. I could be wrong but i really don’t think they have enchi. The fact you have a male and a female tells me the coral glow isn’t the sire.