Mystery gene? Plz help identify

Maybe you have het pied floating around your collection, but that’s absolutely how it interacts with black pastel

I have plenty of pied but not in that pairing I produced both parents as well.

Have you paired both parents with (het) pieds before? I’m willing to bet one of them is het pied

I can guarantee none of them are het pied mom was a visual black pastel hypo. Dad was black pastel coral glow Mojave. And hypo is recessive so no “het influence” there.

No wouldn’t do that I have visual and het pieds I produced that I know for a fact what they are.

I don’t claim to be an expert identifying every single combo but I have literally produced pinstripe combos every year for the last eight and I have one hatching in two weeks this year as well.


I’m not talking about “het influence” I’m talking about pied being inc dom and being able to clearly see it with certain morphs (black pastel for example). I’m not the only one that can see het pied in your hatchling.

But I do agree that there aren’t any mystery morphs in the hatchlings of this thread

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I understand what you meant but I know the lineage on the particular snake well and there is no pied gene in it.

Glad we agree on that :blush:

I thought leopard to at first !

Was this a first time mom, or have you bred her before?

The 2 adults pictured together, are those the parents? Im only asking because neither one of them are pinstripe, so if those are in fact the parents im super confused.

The first snake is a lemonblast. Aka pastel pinstripe. They wash out with aging a lot. So one is definitely pinstripe. @saleengrinch can confirm this I am sure.

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They’re referring to the pic of the coral glow black pastel paired with another female, I believe.

Ah ok, that would make more sense. @bkendrick37 OP said mom is the lemonblast.


Ya sorry for the confusion guys