Mystic Phantom

I’ve seen a few pictures of Mystic Phantoms but not many and not many postings of them either. Is it that they’re just less popular than the Purple passion**(Mojave Phantom)? Or that they are less predictable in the lines? Some look purplely others more red or just dark all together and some pinks. I’d like to see maybe Red Axanthic or het with a Mystic Phantom. Some Cinnamon or maybe Yellowbelly or Ghi I’m not sure how that would all go. Still figuring out what’s there correct me if I’m trying to use a gene where it shouldn’t be or can’t be rather.

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Wait is phantom mystic then? I’m lost now

mojave phantom = purple passion
deep purple passion = pastel mojave phantom.


I think the reason that Mystic Phantom is unpopular is the same reason that Banana Coral Glow is unpopular. Mystic and Phantom are practically just different lines of the same gene. The offspring from a pairing with Mystic Phantom will produce Mystics and Phantoms, but it would be impossible to tell which is which. And there’s no way to ever prove them to be one or the other through breeding.

So typically you’ll see:
Mystic Potion - (Mystic Mojave)
Purple Passion - (Phantom Mojave)
^The two combos above make visibly the same thing
Super Mystic
Super Phantom

Mystic Potion was the first ball python morph I got. If you’re looking to get one, I’d suggest getting one of the above 4 combos. They can vary a ton in expression of the genes. I think it’s best to not get hung up between whether Mystic or Phantom, and go for whichever example you can find that has the look you like.

I’m actually looking at Mojave Males to breed into a couple Females. Mystic Potions are basically a side goal for me,. I want to expand past that. So I’m looking at Mojave and Mystics to get an idea of what’s done and what can be. I was hoping phantom was a route not realizing it’s just like mystic. So if I wanted to my best bet would be a Super Mystic or Super Phantom to a Phantom or Mystic to get true Mystic Phantoms. But I guess what ever phantom line I end up with could just be a Mystic line called Phantom or close to it and end up with Lucy’s instead or get what I’m looking for? I’m kind of just going off the fact that there are Mystic Phantoms listed and that they are different and not just lucys.

Mystic potions are really neat!

I have a super mojave pastel female and my proven breeder super mystic male, the female should be big enough to breed by the time the next season rolls around. She was around 1300 grams last time she was weighed.

Lucy, 0.1 pastel super mojave (in shed)

Almond, 1.0 super mystic


So. Super Mojave produce Bel, but super Mystic doesn’t so I wonder if you can get Bel out of Phantom Mystics and if it completely depends on the two lines of each. Being that they are either from the same or not. Which I guess in any normal case if it didn’t create a Lucy it would be a different line. But mystic being the case that’s hard to determine.

Mystic Phantom, Super Mystic, and Super Phantom are visibly pretty much the same thing. Only disadvantage to Mystic Phantom vs the other two is that since the two lines are bred together they can never be told apart again. Any offspring from the Mystic Phantom should be sold as “Mystic or Phantom” since it’s not possible to know which it is. There is no way through breeding to ever tell whether the offspring is Mystic or whether it’s Phantom.

So hypotheticaly. I put my super Mojave to a known Mystic Phantom and I should get Purple Passion and Mystic Potions. Which is what I’d be more interested in than just trying for one or the other

Yes, in that case every one of the hatchlings will be either purple passion or mystic potion. But you will never be able to say which are which. They should all be labeled “Mojave Phantom or Mystic”

I thought that there was visible difference between the mystic potions and the purple passions. So without a doubt they are the same line and interact with every gene the same way? It’s just a name trap then.

They are different lines of the same thing. Much like Banana and Coral Glow. Also similarly some people claim one line tends to produce “better” examples than the other and vice versa.

Both genes have a fairly wide range of expression in terms of pattern, darkness, etc. especially in the super/BEL forms. But there is no way of telling them apart in a clutch.

My opinion is that what matters most for perceived “quality” is about how all the other non-morph genetics of the animal interact. So I think you’re mostly better off by choosing an example you like instead of by which line.

Here’s my original Mystic Potion girl. She’s 4 years old now and is still absolutely beautiful.


She is a good looking snake, Thanks for your time. You’ve helped me wrap my head around it a little better.

Mystic does produce BELs with other genes in the complex, here’s a pic of a few of the babies produced from the male I showed, he was paired to my butter female


That’s what drew me towards Mojave and Mystic part of the Bel Complex but different. I’m not that interested in Bel themselves right now. But they are definitely strong breeders.

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