Name ideas for my crestie

Here is Berb (she came with the name)! I really want to name her something else as I like naming my reptiles, but I’m stuck as to what her name should be.

My theme has been coffee / syrups and favourite foods. I had thought of a few names but some aren’t within the theme so thought I’d ask for naming suggestions before I commit to either sticking with the theme or moving away from it.

Any ideas?


I think a poll is needed for all the name ideas you have for her!
Rather than us choosing for you, I sense you may have some great names already in that head of yours! :laughing:


I was hoping for some suggestions before doing a poll incase something else catches my eye :eye:


Do you have a Machiato?

Is that even spelled right? I’m not a fancy coffee kinda guy.


I only see Berb :joy:

She needs a name that’s not… ‘Cute’ I think…

What are your fav movies? Shows? :thinking:

I had thought of macchiato but thought it might suit a male more.

I don’t really have time to watch TV anymore so not much I can go on with that.

My son and I have been watching Pokémon and the air bender program legend of korra and was thinking something like that could be good because then he would feel more included but then I might look silly when his all grown up lol

I don’t actually drink coffee, I drink tea. But we were out for coffee (husband loves coffee) and I just loved the idea of naming my Cresties after coffee etc :sweat_smile:

I agree she doesn’t suit a ‘cute’ name despite her sweet personality

So my ideas are:

Vienna (coffee theme)
Black Forest Gateau (food theme)
Viennetta (food theme)

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From PJ Mask?!?

I think Vienna personally. Poll time! Haha.
Luna is something I liked but for a pale crestie! But spelt Lunar because why not :sweat_smile: And Korra was on the list also as that a brill show haha.
Any gosh your boys are awesome! Brilliant shows there! :wink:
I guarantee my daughters pair she’s having will be named after pokemon. She’s obsessed!! :laughing:

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I second Vienna!
I like that name so much I might take it for a future girl…:smirk:
I love naming my snakes after foods too.:grinning:


I actually got Luna from Sailor Moon, I use to watch it as a kid (was my favourite).

I will set up a vote now.

My eldest has already tried making a few after Pokémon. Cookie was almost Charazard till I said he should be red if his going to have that name lol

Failing Pokémon he will name some after bayblade of given the chance.


Hubby likes our snakes to have people names so I settled on food named for our Cresties :relaxed:


Let the voting begin

  • Vienna
  • Black Forest Gateau
  • Viennetta
  • Luna

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Like Vienna sausages? :rofl: I would say to name her frappuccino or frappe for short. I know you guys mean vienna coffee, but I cant help thinking of the sausages in a can.


I think of the song by Billy Joel :blush:
I actually assumed that’s why Vienna! I don’t drink coffee or tea so :sweat_smile:


Frappachino is quite a light coffee, not dark. I’ve already reserved that name for a future gecko :grin:


Dark gecko = bitter coffee….

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That sounds nicer!
But I love espresso…

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I had a Gecko named espresso already. She turned out to be a he so sold on :pensive: but I don’t want to be reminded of selling him because he was an awesome gecko and he suited the name

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