Name these Morphs (round 3) Ruby and Jackson

Name these morphs! Red lily? Orange Lily? Orange flame? these were my third pair hatched in December 2023. 6months

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Do you have photos of the parents?

The first looks like it’s going to be an orange lilly white poss het emptyback

The second like a tangerine orange flame partial pinstripe


Yes, here you go, dad is a tricolor lilly, mom is a hypo red harlequin.


Do you have any more pics of the babies? Fired up maybe?

I’d say the first looks to be a dark base, extreme harlequin, lilly white with dal spots.
This Geckos toes look to be in very bad condition (might just be the picture)

Second looks to be orange partial pinstripe with dal spots. I see triggering in there, but fired up pics might reveal more… It’s possible this gecko is a red, but doesn’t show in the pics so far

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@foxreptile Thank you for the reply. Update: i just checked her toes and compared to all of my other geckos, I noticed that some of her toes appear to be curled up. What would have caused this.? I also noticed her feet/ hands (the toes in the front) along with her arms are skinnier compared to her clutch mate (the orange / red) male in the other photo. What can I do? I have always thought she had a calm, non-active disposition, but maybe there was something wrong with her legs this whole time and I didnt’ realize it until now. She has the tiniest arms / hands in the front. She doens’t seem to have trouble climbing in her enclsoure, since I find her on the leaves and in places she would have had to climb to get to, but sometimes, if I hold her a certain way I noticed she falls off my hand or had trouble gripping whereas normally a gecko can hold on better. Does that make sense? What would you recommend?

Are the toes stuck together also?
Are they housed together or separate?