NARBC in Arlington

Headed to NARBC in Arlington, TX in a few. Anybody need anything?


oooh, that’s this weekend?? I’ve been meaning to go and keep losing track of the dates

If you want to find me a chocolate cypress clown and drop it off that would be great! :joy:


Sorry didnt see one…

But I was good and only picked up two new additions. A nice crestie and a Davus pentaloris sling.


A 1.1 pair of Dbl het Tri-Stripe Pied

Male Coral Glow Huffman!!


Beautiful snakes! Congrats!!


Nice Tiger Rump :heart:


At the reptile expo this weekend there was a young man with his female companion looking at these tiny little green iguanas. He was asking all these questions like…
“how big do they get?”
“Oh, not too big really”

“Are they easy to take care of?”
“Oh yeah no trouble at all.”

“Will it need a big enclosure?”
“They don’t need a ton of space”

So the kid buys one. The guy running the booth next to it, that I am talking to about boas, just shakes his head and says that this is the third customer he sold one to that had no clue about how to take care of them. I started to track the kid down and give him this website address. Who knows, some of them may show up!


Theres a lot of lies in sales. I use to work commission sales and boy the blatant lies the guys told to get a sale, p*ssed me off to no end. Im like when you lie, the customer will eventually find out then they are going to be mad and your reputation ruined. Lying just to get money is bad business but sadly people don’t care about things like ethics they just want that cash. For me i really do try to give the most true knowledge i can find, of course we all make mistakes but im willing to admit those if i am. Theres tons of unethical business people out there.

I love iguanas but man they can be a handful and some got some tude and wont hesitate to whip that tail, its like a whip hitting you. That poor kid and the other are in for a surprise. They most definitely can get to a heafy size.