NARBC TINLEY show updates

Some update on Tinley show for those who may have plan to visit this weekend


The Governor just mandated all events over 1000 are cancelled.

More information from us to follow regarding vendor space and money.

All persons who purchased tickets will be moved to the October Show. You will not lose your money on show tickets.

We are very sorry for everyone’s inconvenience. We are devastated and without words.

We will be back before October.

Bob Ashley & Brian Potter

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I’m sorry for all who where planning to go there.

Chill at home as much as possible for a few weeks stay safe everyone!


Just sad. :disappointed_relieved:


Midwest got canceled too.

Im deeply sorry for all those looking forward to the now cancelled events thanks to this dumb coronavirus. Hopefully in a few more months this coronavirus business will be just a bad dream and we can all safely attend large events again. Look forward to the future shows!!


It’s because it was my first time ever going. I never knew about these shows until recently. I figured it would happen. I was surprised there were no bill board signs talking about the show. Hopefully I can in October though.

@jeraldtaylor15 I hear you. Ive never attended something like Tinley and was hoping to this October but as I live in Canada and my life circumstances are changing (likely for the worse) I might not get the chance. I currently dont have or have ever had any reptiles and was hoping that Octobers Tinley was gonna be the thing to change that. The expos Ive gone to here are pretty much useless for me aside from looking at pretty parrots, cute lil mammals T’s I cant have thanks to the local laws and reptiles I dont ever want as a pet namely pythons (including ball pythons) boas and geckos. What Im after is an Uromastyx but unless I go to Tinley I feel like I probably won’t be able to get one.

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@jeraldtaylor15 @beast-blade-wolf_987
They just made a date to move it to June 19th-21st! So you might not have to wait till October if June works for you. Post is on the Facebook page, NARBC Tinley Park.

I’m planning on attending the April 5th Manchester NH expo but am prepared for it being canceled. Might not go anyway due to concern for getting sick. If not there’s another in June and hopefully by then, the coronovirus will be more under control. Possibly not but we can only hope!

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@lightningbug nope no matter when going to Tinley will be hard for me since Im not in good health nor a good place financially and cant really afford to travel outside the country (Tinley is in the USA and I live in Canada) anytime soon. October would work better but even thats unlikely. But because of what Im after (Uromastyx geyri lizard) being a CITES appendix 2 species and the Cites paperwork taking up to 2 months to sort out even if I attend in October somehow I probably will have to wait til late spring early summer 2021 before I can get the lizard home safely in the best case scenario. I also dont know where Ill end up living as of summer 2020 and dunno if reptiles will even be allowed at all where I end up.