Nashville Exotic Pet Expo- Anyone heard of it?

I was looking at exotics/reptile shows in Nashville, since it’s pretty close to where I live, and I wanted to go to a reptile expo for my special graduation experience. I found one called the Nashville Exotic Pet Expo, and was wondering if any of you guys have heard of it, or even better, been there? And what do/did you guys think of it?


I went to it last year, its a nice size not too big and the venders I met were very nice and let me take picks of their snakes, I had a really good time there.

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I would say give it a go! You will enjoy yourself, there are reptiles there lol :joy:.

Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking. I’m hoping my parents will give me some spending money, since I’m choosing something relatively cheap, as opposed to like flying halfway across the globe.

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Hopefully they do! Even if it’s not an animal, it is always fun to buy something lol.

Maybe I can convince my mom that snakes aren’t so bad… But that’s a big maybe.

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I asked for 15 years constantly, my friend. And after the second one was here (for business investment) it became easier to talk to my mom about them. Be minded, number six is going to be picked up at FedEx tomorrow :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

Oof. I might be able to talk my way into a BP, since I did the same thing with my cresties, but she’s very much not a fan of snakes.
I’m very excited to get to see pretty snakes though. I live vicariously through all of you guys that have them:)

So, it looks like I might end up going! I’m really excited to be able to see all the cool animals and stuff! It’s also like my first big expo or convention type thing, so that’s really exciting too!