Near miss, need help. Newbie mishap

Looking for some advice ASAP. Anxiety is through the roof, like panic attack levels of anxiety.

I noticed one of my garters was out and about, and I’ve realised that means they’re hungry. So I tossed a worm in, watched it for a while but the garter didn’t move.

Stupidly, I left the worm there, thinking it’d come get it when I was further away from the tank instead of watching.

A minute or so later I noticed flailing, and saw one of the garters were under the log so I grabbed my phone torch to see if it was stuck, but saw it’s head was in the other garter’s mouth. I took the lid off the tank and lifted the log up, the biting snake let go of the other one and I put the decor back.

I’m sitting watching them now and they’re both very active, probably agitated. I considered separating them for a little while, but wasn’t sure if that would stress them both out more. They keep coming to the front of the tank and looking at me.

I’m not sure what to do now, should I just let them be but keep an eye on them?

Small update: they do appear to be calming down somewhat but I’m still sitting here watching.

Personally I’d separate. And never Chuck food in with more than one snake! Only asking for trouble imo, May of been that, That one had the worm and the other wanted it!


Agreed, lesson learned. Will seperate for feeding from now on, even if it ends up stressing them out a little being handled. (Only had them a couple of weeks, not been handled much)

I’m still just watching them for the moment. Both found a spot to hang out away from each other.

I would say if they are same size you can leave both snakes in there just make sure your tong feeding them carefully. Keep in mind that they want food, and they want more food. Snake discovery has a garter snake feeding video, it clearly shows how they feed their garter snakes. They do it by tongs, inside the enclosure, keeping a careful eye on who is grabbing who’s food.


They’re about the same size, one of them was too shy to tong feed which I tried at first.

I still can’t tell them apart though even though I’m trying to find little differences so I don’t know if the more shy one is not feeding from tongs or not.

I feel like absolute garbage and just burned my finger on their light too

Small update: they seem to have calmed down and gone to separate hides. I’m going to monitor them for a few days before I attempt any feeding or handling. Let them calm down a bit.


Maybe Chuck one worm one way and another the other way :joy:

Maybe he/she had enough of its sibling? Oh how id of loved to have eaten mine when younger to get rid of them :rofl:
They’re ‘alright’ now :wink::heart: