Nearby filter automatically filled [1688]

So this was a weird one. All I did was open “advanced search”, entered what I wanted, and clicked search. Apparently this was for some reason already in the nearby bar. No idea why as I have never used this filter, and have never even heard of this part of WA lol. I caught it a couple more times with the same location after that. It kept me from searching because I didn’t have the distance bar filled out.

For reference, I am using an android (s10e specifically) and chrome.


Thank you Ashley!

I’m trying to reproduce it, but no luck so far.

What exactly did you search for?

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Is anyone else experiencing this?

I haven’t gotten it again after those 3 times in a row, but the second and third were when I didn’t enter anything and just opened advanced search after refreshing. I think the first time I searched VPI axanthic BPs? Either that or rat snakes.

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