Necromancer Morphs New Prospective Breeder

Hello, from Necromancer Morphs! A prospective ball python breeder!

I have a background in molecular biology with a specialization in genomics/genetics. I am absolutely fascinated by the vast array of ball python morphs and can’t wait to delve into learning more about them and experimenting with different combinations. Perhaps I can help people learn more about genetic inheritance!

The ball python that started my interest in them was my beautiful girl Morrigan Sparkles (Black Pastel/Fire)! I’ve owned her for five years now and she’s put me through every hardship a ball python could throw at you. :rofl:

I recently expanded my collection with six new ball pythons (yes, they are currently all in quarantine). The current recessive’s in my collection are Hypo, Piebald, Clown, and Desert Ghost. Future breeding projects are still TBD (and a few years off) but there’s a lot of potential there!

I can post their full morphs if anyone is interested in helping find cool combos for future breeding projects! (Currently, I’m in love with Black Pewter Desert Ghost.)

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Gainesville, VA here. Good to see local folks on MM!


Ooooo I just checked out your Insta! Another dark morph lover especially black pastel :grin::grin::grin:


Welcome to our family! I am happy to have you here!


Welcome to the fam! :heart: from the Arachnid Queen. :scorpion: :crown: can i really be the queen :woman_shrugging:.


Thank you! :heart:


We’re newer too. I’m fascinated by the genetics in Ball pythons. Snakes in general have sooooooo many possibilities. I thought I was pretty good at punnet squares for mammals and was pretty good at hitting the odds. But goodness the reptiles will give you a run for your money (literally).

Feel free to pop in and fill me with science-y stuff as I’m always up for that.

We’re currently working on several different singles and dual gene projects that will eventually will progress us to recessive gene project goals.


I could talk for HOURS about the intricacies of genetics and genetic inheritance (if there’s something you’re curious about let me know). My background is in human genetics but a lot of what I know can be applied to general genetic inheritance.

I can’t tell you ‘this morph is 100% recessive’ because ball python genetics is still in its infancy… I can tell you ‘this morph could still be recessive even though it doesn’t act like it and here are a few possible explanations’.

I’d also love to hear about your projects if you want to chat!

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I’d love to chat. I’m sure my non-snake friends would love a break from the nerdy science-y snake stuff they really don’t like anyway…