Need advice for my crestie

i have a four year old female crested gecko who is always sleeping down close to the ground and doesn’t eat as often as she did when i got her [I got her when she was 11 months old].
she is always fired down and I’m pretty sure shes dehydrated shes very alert and active and i feed her every other day and gut loaded crickets once a week. she doesn’t have any shedding problems the humidity stays around 70% and the terrarium is room temp at 70-75

I don’t know much about crested geckos but what are you feeding her?

i feed her the zoo med crested gecko food thats all I’ve ever fed her

Mabey try fruit or a cricket as a treat… actually try waiting until someone with experience comes and see what they say. Best of luck!

ok and i do feed her bananas any time i get the chance and she loves them

Can we get some pictures of her? I have heard the zoo med crestie food isn’t the best either. Pangea is the only really good brand.

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She does this thing where one side is fired and the other side isn’t

Also if you could tell me her morph that would be great

Zoo med is the worst food you can feed I know it’s cheap and readily available in local pet stores but I highly recommend to switch to Pangea and take it from there.

ok I’ll do that

The old zoo med food is terrible but the new formula of zoo med food is on par with pangea, big fat and all the other commercial diet.
As for your cresties issues I would be willing to bet it’s a parasite issue. Crickets tend to be carriers of various things. You can get a fecal done at a vet.

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I’ve not had cresties, but any arboreal reptile exhibiting such major aberrant behavior calls for a vet visit ASAP. Make sure you go to a vet that is knowledgeable regarding reptile med. As @azoreptiles mentioned, it’s definitely time for a fecal test. Make sure you bring a fresh, non-dried fecal sample. If you can’t get it to the vet within an hour or two, you can refrigerate the sample (in a ziploc bag or two), and it’ll be adequate for 8 hours. Do not freeze the sample before you deliver it to the exotics vet, and don’t let it roast in a vehicle in the sun or anything like that.You’re wasting your money (and also possibly getting a false negative) if you bring old or dry poo.

-Funny side story-
When I was still a veterinary assistant, before vet school, this one client thought that, if she brought enough feces, it would ‘make up’ for the sample being old. So she brought two grocery bags full of decomposing mastiff feces and set them directly on the receptionist’s counter. :joy:

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@mblaney that’s really funny😂

Thank you all for your help I’m feeding her Pangea and spraying her tank more often and she looks a lot better. she’s more active and eating a lot and drinking the water off the leaves, and she’s not walk ing on the floor anymore not sure what the problem was maybe she was dehydrated or something


With mastiffs, a stool sample pretty much fills a grocery bag! :slight_smile: