Need advice - hognose snake UPDATE


I am going to overcome my fear of snakes!! I am getting my first hognose snake on Friday this week. This guy is coming with his whole setup - BUT I want to know what your suggestions are for care and husbandry. Give me all of the good tips you have please! I have and I still am doing tones of research because that is something I always do before getting a new reptile. I’m so exciteddddd :blush: I will definitely post some pictures as well once he is “settled”. In the mean time, here is the photo from the seller.

I’m also going to mention that he is around a year old!


Picked him up a day earlier than I expected. Here are the most recent photos that I have taken so far.


He’s really cute!

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Thank you!!

Derp derp! He’s a cutie! It’s just something about their smooshed faces that make them so adorable. Good luck with him and congrats on your first of many snakes!


Thank you so much!!