Need Advice on treatment

Hello, a while ago I purchased 4 young Snakes. Two had strange looking marks on their heads. ( Ill attach pictures ) I’ve never seen this before, we thought it were maybe old scars, because the seller said he was feeding them live rats. Although the placement was odd, when I think about it now.
But I have no experience with this, I have only one Snake whom I have to feed live rat. And he is older, bigger and stronger and even then Im the whole time in the room and make sure I supervise him.
We also considered now several layers of skin/shed?

So yesterday, 30.04. one of the 2 finally Shed. One huge shed! Just one little split under the neck. Ill post a picture. On this picture you will see, yeah what is it ? Is it a scale that came of ? I dont know, I really hope to find answers here. Do I have to treat the Spot somehow ? Or just leave it alone? Do I place him on papertowels?

Thank you very much,
I hope my writing is understandable. Its not my native language.

I appreciate any help / Advice I can get.

Shed inside

Shed outside

The best Picture i could make, this Girl didnt shed yet. But i believe she will any day go blue

Is the first pictures before the shed?
If so do you have a picture of the wound after the shed?

No, these are freshly taken after the shed. Im sorry, i should have commented it to the pictures. It did look similar, better said Identical to the second BP, last picture, before shed.

That doesn’t look like a wound, it looks like a scar. If it is dry but not crusty, it wouldn’t need any treatment. The scar may go away gradually every time the snake sheds, but it’s possible that it will always be there to some degree. Also, due to the placement of the scar, I’d say it was not caused by a live rodent, but rather by head rubbing. The rubbing may have been caused by something being wrong with the previous owner’s enclosure or by stress. Keep an eye out for any continuation of this behavior.


Thank you so much ! I didnt even considered head rubbing! But this might be it, the person whom I bought it from was no “snake” person. He just sold the collection for his friend, who passed away. The four were also a little bit on the lighter side of the weight considering their age.

Thanks alot.

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It looks like it was a scab that came off w the shed. It looks pretty healed but if you want you can put antibiotic cream on it. I agree w westridge it looks like excessive rubbing, especially because the other 1 looks very similar. It should get smaller w each shed.


Now you have clarified before and after pictures, I agree 100% with westridge on all of their points
It looks like the kind of rubbing when there is to big gap in the the tub to the top, or something similar in a tank. Combined with something environmental making them want to get out. So the nose can get out but it stops at the rise in forehead.
snaxxs also has a point. It can look concerning when something else comes off in a shed, but its part of the healing process and quite normal.
I would not worry unless it gets worse, which I doubt will happen.

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Looks like an old scar from a bad nose rub. As @westridge says it shouldn’t need any special treatment and should slowly get smaller with future sheds. Keep an eye out for it getting worse just in case it rubs its nose again.


Thank you, I’ll definetly keep an eye on it. Till now i didnt notice any Strange behavior with the four of Them. We Had Just minor eating “Problems” at the start when i got Them. Because strangely none of Them wanted Rat. Fixed it with mice and Asf tho.

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Thank you, i guess i’ll wait and watch how the snake and the Spot behave. I’ll Check for a antibiotic cream tho, Just in Case. Better i have Something in the House.

If you do use an antibiotic cream/ointment, make sure to pick on that does not contain lidocaine or any pain relief ingredients in it


Alright, thanks for the information. I’ll keep that in mind. I did find some and they dont Seem to contain pain Relief or lidocaine. Althoug i’ll Check Them again. I saw that one Cream contains smth to prevent itching. Because this ist smth im a Bit worried. If it itches it might the Worse even If it isnt now. But before i Put anything on my snake i’ll Double Check with a Reptile vet.