Need consistent tank humidity

I have a glass terrarium with a mesh lid. Live in the Seattle, WA area. I have only previously had dessert boas and am switching to a ball python. I am having trouble regulating the humidity from one side of the tank to the other side. It’s 36" long by 18" wide. The warm side is right at 66%. But the cool side of the tank is at 74%.
The water bowl is on the cool side of the tank, using a heat mat on the warm side… but could switch to a ceramic overhead heat source, but I want the cool side to stay cool while lowering the humidity and I’m a bit stumped.

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Honestly you should be fine, if you keep everything clean while that’s a tad higher than whatever you read on google you shouldn’t have any issues. Yes there are certain “ideal” numbers that are suggested but a ball should be ok in those ranges.

Do you cover the lid at all with anything currently?

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That’s normal. Humidity isn’t fixed: it’s relative humidity. The same water content in the air will be higher in the cooler side.

Maybe a better way to say that is the same water content in the air on the cooler side will measure a higher relative humidity.

You’re fine. :slight_smile:

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The lid is not currently covered as I wanted more ventilation to try and help the issue.

Ok. Then I think you’re fine. I wouldn’t worry about 74% it’s not that bad.

You are fine. The area you live in has very high humidity. If you’re really concerned about pulling it down you could try adding Damp-Rid buckets to the room your animal is in. You can also add dry sphagnum or Aspen to try to collect a small amount of the humidity. It’s probably not worth worrying about unless you’re seeing condensation (dew, or the water on the outside of a cold drink) building up.

I’m in Chicago and, like most here afaik, struggle to keep the humidity UP. :laughing: Crawd is also in the Midwest. When I used to live in Florida I had humidity levels like yours.

It’s normal. If it becomes a problem try damp rid in the room, kicking the central heat on, etc… But you probably won’t need to worry much

I would say its ok but if you want to drop it using a heat lamp will dry it out pretty quickly maybe lighten up on misting (if you are misting).

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