Need hatchling burm advice

I recently purchased two Burmese pythons from a local “breeder” right at a week ago. I put breeder in quotations, because you’d think anyone calling themselves a breeder wouldn’t release snakes to someone without them having their first shed and a few meals. I’m already beating myself up for not being more thorough with my questions with him before I made the purchase.

The granite I purchased from him took its first meal with me no problem, the albino however just hissed and continued to strike at the meal in a defensive way, never grabbing the prey item and coiling. I messaged the breeder and he informed me that the granite had shed and taken two meals from him, but the albino he sold me hadn’t had it’s first shed or first meal. These snakes are just at a few weeks old. I’ve got them both on moist reptichip with 70% humidity. Is there anything else I can do other than try to wait out the albinos first shed? When should I start to be concerned about it not shedding? I’m also going to move it into a much smaller tub, let it settle in there for a few days, and then offer another prey item. Any other advice or tips would be much appreciated. Still pissed at myself for not doing my due diligence on these snakes. First and last time I’ll make this mistake.

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Sounds like you are on the right track.
1.) smaller tub
2.) wait awhile…

I would wait until after it sheds. That belly full of yolk will sustain it for longer than you’d think. I would wait until after it’s first shed which may be closer than you think. One of my pet peeves with albinos is how they don’t darken up like a snake with melanin would, I describe their look as “dusty” before they shed. So stay the course, don’t stress it out. Leave it alone and let it get comfortable and hungry. It will be a garbage disposal of food before you know it.

He’s finally gone into pre-shed and has also had two meals now. I’m guessing the guy I got him from didn’t know if he had shed or not. I’m just glad he’s on the right track now. Thanks for the advice, the smaller tub helped out too.

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