Need heat panel advise

I have a 4x2x2 that has and 80w radiant heat panel but the heat isn’t reaching the floor. the panel itself reads 170F(76.7c) but the floor of the enclosure reads 80F(26.7c) I think that this is due to lack of circulation but I don’t know how to fix this issue

The majority of heat panels will take a lot to reach that far very well. My suggestion is to put a raised shelf below the panel to provide the desired hot spot. That will be the most effective and easiest way.

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Yeah but the animal in question is a bp that needs a 90f hotspot and I don’t know if it would use a platform off the floor she definitely loves to climb but I’ll try and see but like I said I’m unsure

Ive kept ball pythons in 2’ tall enclosures using heat panels as the only heat source. I put shelves in the enclosures that were about a foot high under the panel. They’d hang out on the shelf quite frequently.


Is there anyway I can mount the panel on the side of the enclosure?

@connorjp That would be a huge burn risk. Heat panels heat up quite a bit but are still considered safe (depending on the brand) because it’s built so the animal can’t touch it for very long. Just a second or 2 won’t hurt them, but being able to lay against it can


That is a good question, as many people over the years have tried this, but as was mentioned above it is a serious burn risk. The average surface temps of my various radiant heat panels are anywhere from 140 to 180 degrees at any given time. If you are worried about your snake not using a shelf, don’t be. You can always add an under enclosure heat source as well, like an ultratherm heat mat.