Need help! Bearded Dragon

Hello there. I have a 7 month old beardie and he’s been acting really not like himself lately. He stopped eating around a week ago and I’m not sure why. Anyone know what’s wrong or have any clue?

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Try giving him a pedialyte and water bath it may just be dehydrated

Last I checked bearded dragons can hibernate and they will stop eating if they do. They also tend to be grumpy if not left alone during that time. It might be that. I doubt it is dehydrated so long as you always have water for it. Bearded dragons can go a bit without food. If you are really worried then take him for a checkup at the vet. Never hurts to be sure.

@dragonsmart doesn’t really help him with his question does it? Nice.

I’m finding out that there are all kinds of things that affect a beardie’s appetite, from shed cycles to responding to the season to swapping out their bulbs when a light burns out. If your beardie hasn’t regained his appetite by now but isn’t brumating, I would seriously consider trying to find a vet who will see him. It could be anything from a bad mood to failing kidneys; it’s tough to get to a vet right now but if he’s still not eating some bloodwork might be a good idea.