Need help confirming the genes

Hi Everyone,

Little backstory, I recently purchased a het clown from one of the major breeders here in the Philippines, but I’m not satisfied with their ID. I suspect something might be off with this snake. Could you please help me identify or confirm her morph?

ID from seller was Pastel Super Blade het Clown. But I don’t think I see any pastel in it. I’m thinking either Leo Super Blade or Leo Blade.

Pairing was Leo Blade Pastel Clown X Leo Blade het Clown.

Here are some photos of the snake:
Studio capture (from the seller)

Photo with natural light

Photo with fluorescent light

Here are the photos of the parents:
Leo Blade Pastel Clown

Leo Blade het Clown

Blade is a fairly new gene for me so i’m not sure if the ID was correct. Someone suggested that there might be OD but I don’t think there is any in the mix.

Apologies as I don’t have any pictures of the siblings or any other pictures of the parents.

Thanks in advance!


I see Leo. There could be blade in there looking at some of the markings by the tail but I wouldn’t think super personally. Maybe someone who works with blade has a bit of a better idea though. Sometimes the expression can vary wildly.
Pastel is what’s giving it that nice golden color. Leopard is a dark gene. This animal would be very dark without it. The het clown can also be a factor to the brightness.

I’m not really good enough with clown genes to tell you what the clown parent might have.


I don’t see pastel in this snake. Leopard blade/super blade looks correct, and I agree with whoever said there may be OD, even if it wasn’t listed in the pairing. Het clown in this case is (I believe) making the animal so much lighter.


Awesome! Thanks for all the replies. I guess I have to breed this one out and see what comes out just to be sure but I’m glad someone’s agreed that it has leopard, it makes it even better. I’ll tag him as ‘possible’ for now. Cheers.

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