Need help ID albino

Hello, I am currently in talks to buy a pair of Albino Black pastel ball pythons and need help to ID if that is in fact what they are. Here is a pic of each, any help is appreciated.

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2 words, walk away.

Here is a Black Pastel Albino for reference


Walk away? Why’s that? Could you possibly elaborate a bit more than trying to shoo me away? I realize that they probably are not Black Pastel, but are Albino and one does have black markings on the tail. not sure what that means though to be honest. Is there no variability in the morph or do they all have to look like the photo you shared?

When someone try to sell something that it is not walking away would be the smart thing to do.

There are variabity in all morphs not to that extent a Black Pastel Albino will retain the typical Black Pastel pattern and the animal with be high contrast.

Black marking on the tail is a paradox nothing to do with Black Pastel

More for comparison


I apricate the advise, I really do. Maybe “buying” is the wrong word and adopting is more appropriate term. There is a possibility that they were sold to the individual as the described morph and they never bothered to verify. From what I’m paying for them I dont think I would be out anything if they are just regular Albinos. Ive already conceded that they probably are not Black Pastel. I am ok if they are not but that doesn’t tell me what they are. Paradox is fine with me even if it is random with pythons.

I don’t see black pastel, just pretty albinos (one with a paradox). Here is my black pastel albino vs my regular albino.


Thank you very much for the help. For what I am getting them for, normal Albino is just fine with me. They are my first venture into BP hets so I just wanted to be sure on what they are or are not. I appreciate all the help.

What exactly are they supposed to be het for? If the seller has already lied about them being BlkPastel then can you really trust that they are het for anything as well?

I second Deb on this one - Do not give dishonest sellers your business. WALK AWAY!


I will add one more thing if the animals are not what they are claimed to be what is the guarantee they will actually be the right sex?


Sry I meant Recessive not het. The person I am getting them from isnt a seller per se rather someone getting out of they hobby. I have talked to them since last post and things have been cleared up. As I have stated previously, what Im paying for the pair is still a good deal even with them being normal Albinos.

That is a good point indeed, and if that is the case then I still have either two ready to go males or two females that need to put some size on. Both of which scenarios I am more than ok with and will adjust plans accordingly if need be.

Could always be just a simple misunderstanding or perhaps they themselves were misinformed. Lying means an intent to purposefully deceive and that is not the case at all. I understand that you are trying to help steer me away from a possible bad situation and I appreciate that very much. However, I do not think impugning motive to an individual is the correct course of action without actually knowing the individual or the complete scope of the situation. I have been in contact with the person in question, have addressed my concerns, and the air has been cleared so to speak. People make mistakes and things get miscommunicated, these things happen. If it turns out to bite me in the butt then I will be the first person to admit my folly. Thank you once again for your time and consideration.