Need help identifying ball python

I was told this girl is a Black head genetic stripe ghost? What do y’all think this girl is? Need help before I buy her.

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You’ll have to breed it to find out for sure. Anything we suggest would be supposition.

This does not look like any of the BOG Monsters I have seen before. To the best of my knowledge there has only been one guy making these, please PM me the name of the seller and I can cross-reference and help you get a better idea

By y’all’s suspicion what does it look like to you, I know it isn’t definite but from your experience what would you say it is to you

It’s not from a breeder, my friend knows this guy that’s selling her so I’m unable to check about the breeder so I just wanted y’all’s opinion about what u think she might be

And looking at her she looks like a super stripe maybe with cinnamon and possibly calico

It is definitely GStripe

Blackhead tends to make them darker and broaden the black highlighting stripe.

Hypo tends to wash out the colouration